6. Limitations

The following PostgreSQL versions are currently supported:

  • 10
  • 9.6
  • 9.5
  • 9.4

Other versions are usable but not fully integrated in all components. This might make additional manual tuning necessary.

All official supported versions are installable via the configured apt.postgresql.org repository. Please see https://apt.postgresql.org/ for more information. We intend to support newer versions of PostgreSQL as soon as they are released.

7. Known Bugs and Issues

7.1. PostgreSQL

  • The prometheus-sql-exporter monitoring agent is permanently keeping connections open to all databases, which prevents DROP DATABASE from working. To drop databases, stop prometheus-sql-exporter first. This is possible via the web interface Cockpit: services#/prometheus-sql-exporter.service.

7.2. pgadmin4

  • pgadmin4 does not use PAM authentication.
  • By default, pgadmin4 does not show local databases.

7.3. Portal

  • A direct relogin after a logout does not work. Reloading the page is necessary.

7.4. Cockpit

  • The current version of cockpit-packagekit is not usable on ppc64el systems due to a bug.